With 1st Choice Real Estate your company will get the Benefits of having your own personal web site. As well as having your listings  posted on the larger directory (all your listings have links back to your own site). We can also link back to your existing site to help you greatly increase your web presence. 

Web Presence

Web Presence is a term that really sums it all up. Its really quite simple, If your site consistently is found easily in the search engines and directories in the top ten picks of any one search, you have a strong & dramatic Web Presence. Search Engines are the key to the internet and  there ranking of your site determines your web presence.    

To determine  Web Presence go to the search engines, and check no fewer than 5 ( there are thousands but 5 of the higher ranked engines will give you a realistic view). Use varied search strings: ie east TN real estate, east Tennessee Lake properties, in short any thing that you think someone else is likely to use when searching for properties in this area and try a few.

 Many companies spend thousands on conventional advertising of new sites without creating a viable web presence. We are not including search engine links because we do not want to be considered bias.  They are easy enough to find. We will finish with that here, if you check that's all that needs to be said.

Relevant Hits

Hits are the number times a site is visited, these are one of several indicators but they can be deceiving.  

 Relevant Hits are those people who are actually looking for what you have to offer. These are the hits you want to attract. You can attract them by offering a clean, fast site with the content your customers are really search for, your listings. Not everyone has new hardware & the vast majority still are on a dial up connection.

We can provide you comprehensive service. At a fraction of the cost of your company hiring a full time web master. We can take the frustration out of your internet experience and provide you with what could quickly become the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.  This could easily be your e-business solution. With your own site  (www.easttnrealestate.com/youroffice) with your listings & information,  plus your listings placed in the larger directory, for maximum web exposure. What is the best possible answer to," Is our web site working?" 

The Larger Directory is the Key to getting your listings out there where the people who are looking for your listings can find them & Ultimately you. Once they find a property they are interested in, this person wants to be able to reach through the computer and connect with another person, YOU. 

The Internet is not a magic wand that makes over priced listings sell, the modern day real estate customer is much more informed than ever & knows the advantages of having an agent in the transaction. They know what they want & they know what they can do. The Internet is a huge and rapidly growing "hungry" marketplace that is taking big bites of the other medias market share everyday.  And although most people don't buy the first thing they see, it certainly doesn't hurt to be one of the first things they see.  

Truth is anybody can put you on the internet, we can put you where people find you.

But don't take our word for it, Check the search engines. As a old saying goes " proof is in the pudding".

Getting Started

you can reach us at 

E-mail: wrightz@planetc.com


Dragon Designs

P.O. Box 280

Bean Station, TN 37708-0280

We will promptly respond and would be happy to meet with you to discuss your company's internet needs.



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