Located at the northeastern part of the state, Claiborne County is bordered on the north by the states of Kentucky and Virginia. Established in 1801, the county seat of government is at Tazewell. Named in honor of William C.C. Claiborne, the county is mostly mountain terrain with the exception of the Powell River Valley.

William Claiborne was Governor of the Mississippi Territory when the county was established. Earlier, he had been judge of the Superior Court of Tennessee. Eventually he became Governor of Louisiana. He was Senator elect from Louisiana at the time of his death.

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Claiborne Co., TN, Shopping

Cumberland Gap National Park  is partially located in the northern part of the county. A complete description of the National Park is included in this publication. The Tackell Creek Wildlife Management Area is also here.

Claiborne County's lands previously had been part of Hawkins and Grainger Counties.



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