Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail (A.T.) is the longest continual footpath in the world, traversing some of the most scenic beauty of the eastern U.S. from Georgia to Maine.

The trail began as a vision of planner-forester Benton McKaye in 1921. Existing trails were linked and new sections carved from rhododendron thickets, grassy balds and forests.

In 1968, the A.T. became the first 'National Scenic Trail." Today it passes through 14 states, 8 national forests, 6 national park system units, 60 state park and game lands and scores of small communities.

The rugged and narrow footpath is marked by white blazes painted on rocks and trees. One hundred and fifty miles of this exceptionally scenic footpath pass through the Cherokee National Forest. It traverses areas with colloquial place-names like Lemon Gap, Buzzard Roost Ridge, Locust Pole Knob, Beauty Spot, Jane Bald and a host of locations commemorating Appalachian family names.

For more information, check with any forest office or ranger station. Waterproof maps and A.T. guidebooks are available for purchase.

Sections of the A.T. that pass through wilderness are maintained more primitively than other parts.

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